Smart home technology has been all the rage for the past several years, so much so that the average number of enabled devices has nearly doubled in homes across the country. There’s just something so intriguing about being able to completely customize the experience you have in your home.

These improvements are moving to cover all aspects of your rooms, even home automated window treatments. Having the ability to open or close your blinds from an app or remote sounds almost too good to be true.

To make these additions even more appealing for you, our staff here at Carolina Shutter & Blinds has outlined the top seven benefits of adding automated window treatments to your space!

1. Added Convenience

Obviously, the whole reason to add any smart technology to your home is to increase convenience. There are so many tasks that go along with running a household, decreasing that (even just a few!) can make such a huge difference in your daily life.
With this type of window coverings, you can set up a schedule for when they will open up and when they’ll close. Instead of spending a few minutes opening everything up in the morning, you can enjoy your cup of coffee and the view without any additional work. It’s a simple change that can make your home feel more customized and like it’s working for you!

2. Better Light Control

Windows are a huge benefit to any home because of the natural light that they let in. That kind of light helps a room feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner, which are things most people desire. But that same light can also be distracting or too much in some circumstances.
There should also be an element of light control within your window treatments as well.
Window treatment automation makes it possible to control exactly how much light is or isn’t let in, even on the hardest to reach windows. No window is too high or out of reach to be able to close the blinds anymore!

3. Create Stronger Routines

For many people, finding a rhythm and routine can help make a big difference in how smoothly a day goes. That’s often much easier said than done. We get busy doing what we think is the next most important task and pretty soon our ideal routine is completely thrown off.
Adding in automation for your window coverings can be the trigger or alarm that helps you start those routines every day.
When the windows close you know it’s time to start winding down and getting ready for bed. Or when they open in the morning it’s time to get moving! The change in light is a great signal to help anchor your desired habits into your daily routines.

4. Beauty Meets Function

There’s nothing quite like walking into a room and feeling right at home. The interior design of the space has a lot to do with being able to recreate that experience. It’s the way you can express your personality and make your home reflect you.
No interior design plan is complete without addressing the windows.

Whether you choose to add blinds, curtains, shutters and shades, adding something to your windows makes them feel intentional and complete. Adding automation to those elements takes it to the other level, where beauty and function meet. There’s no need to add things to your home that don’t work for you and make your life easier.

5. Calmer Wake Ups

Most people require some kind of aid to help them to wake up in the morning. And many turn to a loud, blaring alarm to get the job done. But that doesn’t make for the most restful experience and can be quite shocking.
Creating a schedule for your blinds to open at your desired wake-up time is a much calmer option.
Instead of being scared awake, you can feel the sun on your face and have a much calmer experience every morning. You won’t even have to think about setting your alarm every day since you’ve already done it!

6. Improves Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is something that’s on a lot of homeowners’ minds. They want to help their home be as efficient as possible to save on their monthly bills and to protect the planet.
Changing out your windows is a great way to increase that and help your home use less power. But it’s likely that there could be even more done to meet the goal of top energy efficiency. Putting energy efficiency window treatments on is a great place to start improving even more.
Add some automation on to make sure things are always covered when necessary, and you’re golden!

7. Increased Security

While windows add a lot of value and beauty to our homes, they can also be a security risk. There’s not a lot of privacy available when it’s dark out and the world can see into your home.
Creating a schedule with your automated window treatments can make it so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of privacy or security ever again. At dusk, the shades will simply close and keep your home covered until morning.
It’s also a huge help to be able to close or open them when you’re not home. The ability to check aspects of your home like that through an app brings such peace of mind.

Add Home Automated Window Treatments to Your Home

Every homeowner wants their home to feel as comfortable as possible so they can enjoy their time there and simply relax. Adding home automated window treatments is a great way to get into adding smart home technology.

Our windows play such a huge role in how a space feels, they can completely transform how you use a room and how it looks. The simple addition of some automation makes it so you can even further customize how much light is available and what kind of privacy you have at all times.

If you’re interested in learning more about what is possible in your home and automating your window coverings, contact us today to speak to one of our Carolina Shutter and Blinds experts!