Many people enjoy decorating their homes inside and out for the holidays, but windows are often overlooked. No matter your holiday style, windows can be a wonderful way to impress your visitors and to make your home even more festive. Here are some window décor ideas that are easy ways to show off your creativity and to add that extra touch of celebration to your home.

  1. Wreaths in your windows – wreaths of holly, evergreen, or any festive material (my mother used magnolia leaves with touches of gold) are a simple yet elegant way to dress up your windows. You can add a red bow or small ornaments for additional splashes of color if you like.
    house with ribbons and wreaths for the holidays
  2. Candles in each window – Another simple way to bring cheer to your windows is to place a battery operated or electric candle in each window. This tradition actually dates back to colonial times and is a classic and easy way to decorate.
    holiday candles in the window house with holiday candles in the windows
  3. Winter Wonderland – cut out paper snowflakes or use vinyl decals of snowflakes and affix them to your windows so that even if it’s not snowing, you’ll feel like it is!
    snowflake decorations on window
  4. Ornaments – Hanging shiny ornaments in your windows is another quick and easy way to add a splash of holiday color and joy. You can pick a color theme, a variety of the same type of ornament, or just mix it up in any way you like.
    Christmas ornaments hanging in the window gold Christmas ornaments in the window
  5. Lights – Lights are a sure-fire way to add sparkle and shine to your windows both indoors and outdoors. One easy way to use lights in your holiday decorating is to outline your windows. Or you can use icicle lights as decorative swags for your windows.
    Christmas lights around the window Christmas lights inside the window
  6. Garlands – Garlands, both real and faux, are a wonderful way to dress up your windows and they work on the exterior as well as the interior of your windows. You can usually find real garlands at the Christmas tree lot or you can even order them online from gardening companies. Faux garlands can be found at any arts and crafts store or online as well. You can leave them plain or you can dress them up in any way you want.
    Christmas garland in the windows garland around a window
  7. Window Art – Using window markers or paints, you can create holiday scenes. If you’re not an expert a drawing free-hand, simply print out a stencil and tape it to your window. Trace the outline on the other side of the window and fill in your scene in any way you want.
    holiday window art
  8. Presents – If you’re running out of room under the tree, pile up presents in your windows. It’s a unique and charming way to save a bit of space while adding to your holiday décor.
    Christmas presents in the window
  9. Candyland or Toyland – Create a Candyland or Toyland fantasy window by using figures, decorative candy, small presents, ribbon, toys, and baubles or any combination of items that you can find at arts and crafts stores or online (or even around the house!). Other ideas include a Gingerbread or Retro style window. Get out the glue gun and et your imagination flow!
    holiday candy and decorations around French doors Christmas elves and candy in the window
  10. Peppermint – peppermint is one of the most well-known candies associated with the holidays, so why not create a peppermint window display? You can hang candy canes (real or fake) or you can go all out and create a fantastic peppermint garland.
    peppermint candy canes in the window peppermint candy and garland around a window
  11. Projected Images – Finally, let’s not forget using a projector to cast images onto your windows. Won’t the children be delighted when they see Santa’s or Rudolph’s sillohuette passing by?
    projector with holiday image on a window