Are you trying to increase home value? Read on to find out if plantation shutters cost is worth it to increase your home’s value.

Plantation Shutters are becoming more popular among American homeowners. But did you know that you can customize plantation shutters to fit any windows and doors or specially shaped ones?

Plantation shutters are distinctive window treatments. They offer advantages that are not seen in other window treatments. Plantation shutters have been around in some shape or another for centuries, and they are as attractive as they are useful.

Interior plantation shutters are the ideal window covering since they tick all the boxes. They are excellent for privacy, insulation, are easy to clean, and give light control. The greatest thing is that they are reasonably priced and add value to your home.

Are you attempting to improve the value of your home? Then, continue reading to determine if the expense of plantation shutters is justified to increase home value.

Plantation Shutters Last Longer

Plantation shutters are stunning when installed properly, but how long do they hold their charm? Of course, nothing is designed to last indefinitely. However, well-constructed plantation shutters should last for years without needing replacement or repair. 

The truth is that it varies based on the shutters themselves, their construction, and the shutter manufacturer and installer. Plantation shutters have been known to last decades. It’s important to choose a manufacturer that backs their interior shutters with a lifetime warranty!

Plantation Shutters are built to resist the elements. Therefore, this means they will not flex, fade, or break as blinds and curtains do when exposed to the elements. You will not need to budget for replacements, making the cost of plantation shutters well worth the investment.

Maintenance of Plantation Shutters

Most plantation shutters are made of wood. Alternatives are poly or composite shutters.

The inherent durability of wood is enhanced by the fact that it is straightforward to maintain. A mild wood polish, a soft cloth, and a vacuum accessory are all useful tools for cleaning plantation shutters. Not worrying about trips to the dry cleaners or spending money on time-consuming items is a huge relief. 

Composite and poly shutters offer a maintenance-free shutter alternative to wood shutters.  The shutters need only light dusting from time-to-time and their finishes often last decades without any necessary touch-up.  A non-wood option can check shutter maintenance off of your to-do list.

Plantation Shutter Versatility

Plantation shutters may be customized to fit any kind of window or door opening, regardless of whether the windows or doors are wide, narrow, sunburst, oval, or octagon. So even if it is built with curves or sharp angles, your plantation shutters can be custom made to fit these and other window and door designs. Custom interior shutters are also perfect for sliding glass doors and French doors.

Plantation Shutters Give You Security and Privacy

Nowadays, one of the most important benefits of having a home is the sense of security it provides. Homeowners are increasingly putting their money into technology to help keep thieves at bay. Plantation shutters provide an additional layer of security that blinds and curtains do not provide.

Plantation shutters enable you to keep the interior view of your house hidden. They keep prying eyes away or loud neighbors while allowing light to enter the room via the opening.

Shutters, like blinds and curtains, provide you the freedom to open and close them whenever you choose. If you plan to sell your house, prospective buyers will see the value in having an extra layer of security and privacy installed on your property.

Plantation Shutters Are Elegant and Timeless

One of the most appealing aspects of plantation shutters is that they are both ageless and traditional in appearance. In addition, your shutters will never go out of style because of their neutral hues and beautiful design. Whereas, in contrast to blinds and curtains, which are often out of style owing to changes in design and color.

When it comes to selling your house, you want to ensure that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. This entails including neutral design features that most buyers will appreciate or may alter if they so wish.

When you install plantation shutters, you are providing your home with beautiful window coverings. These coverings will complement any design, which means less effort and cost for the new owners.

Eco-Friendly Plantation Shutters

When making a home more environmentally friendly, windows and doors are always a significant factor.

Insulation is the first step in lowering your home’s environmental impact. And, although they are not the sole culprits, doors and windows are the primary points of heat loss and cold air entry.

Of course, windows offer many advantages, the most apparent being that they enable the entrance of natural light into rooms in the home.

In addition, the fresh air provided by an open window benefits your health and well-being. It also decreases the danger of moisture and mildew build-up.

Additionally, it is well worth considering the kind of window treatment you employ. This may help your home to be more environmentally friendly. That is why plantation shutters are the most popular window covering available.

Increase Your Home Value With Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are not just a timeless and durable option for window treatments. Depending on your home’s style and design, window or door size, there are options to include to enhance your shutters by choosing between:

  • Material options
  • Custom color options
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Custom rail position
  • Custom louver size

These custom options for your plantation shutters can enhance your home’s decor, making it unique and stylish. When this flexibility is combined with the pure aesthetic beauty of plantation shutters, the value of a home continues to rise consistently.

There Is Always Room For Improvement!

We hope that this article has provided you with some insight into why purchasing interior plantation shutters may be the best next step in increasing the value of your house.

Window shutters are available in a variety of designs and can be easily customized. This makes them ideal for any space. Additionally, unlike some other environmentally friendly options, window shutters are a great value and durable with our limited lifetime warranty.

Are you thinking of buying and installing plantation shutters in your home? Then, contact us, and we will have in-home experienced Design Consultants call you!