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We know it can be hard to find the right indoor window shades for your home. That’s why we’re here to help you! As a leading window shades company in Winston-Salem, NC, we’re ready to answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of finding just the right shade solution for your home or business. We’ll explain our various options and help you find the best fit for your space. Besides offering our services to Winston-Salem residents, we’re also able to assist customers in Mocksville, Charlotte, The Triad, and The Research Triangle.

We can help you with:

  • Cellular Shade & Honeycomb Shade: Energy efficiency in an abundance of styles and colors for any room
  • Roman Window Shades: Timeless window shades that gather in decorative folds as they are raised
  • Solar & Window Roller Shades: A popular option when light control is your priority
  • Woven Wood & Bamboo Shades: Add a soft, natural look to your home’s decor
  • Sheers & Shadings: Sheers and shadings provide a great accent for your windows
  • Commercial Window Shades: Simplified buying process with our experienced commercial designers
  • Sliding Panel Blinds: The perfect solutions for larger windows and sliding glass doors
  • Cellular Insulating Blinds: As versatile as blinds with cellular shades’ energy efficiency

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Our products are available for customers in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, The Triad, and The Research Triangle.

We Provide the Best Windows Shades in the Area

As a Window Shades Company, We Offer the Following to Clients Near Winston-Salem, NC, and the Surrounding Areas:

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  • Cellular & Honeycomb Shades

    Designed to trap air, cellular shades and honeycomb shades help you save money by reducing energy use in your home. During the summer, cellular and honeycomb shades keep the heat out and the warmth in. In addition to being useful, cellular shades are beautiful as well. Plus, is a wide variety of textures, pleat sizes, colors, and fabrics available.

  • Roman Window Shades

    Roman Window Shades work in formal and traditional North Carolina interiors and casual and modern spaces. With many folds, fabrics, colors, and degrees of light control, Roman Window Shades will coordinate with any décor aesthetic. They are easy to use and have hidden hardware, making them ideal for a classic and uncluttered look.

  • Roller & Solar Shades

    Nothing beats Roller and Solar Shades for a clean, modern look. They’re a simple yet elegant solution when you want a quiet, smooth operation with minimal light gaps. It’s easy to find just the right shade because there are hundreds of fabric, texture, and color combinations. In addition, they block harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting furniture, rugs, and artwork from fading. Also, you can control how much light is blocked or allowed. They look wonderful in any room, but they work well in sunrooms and patios, getting UV protection, light control, and privacy control.

  • Woven Wood & Bamboo Shades

    Bamboo and woven wood shades bring the harmony and peace of nature indoors. In addition to complementing a modern decor, these shades look great with a more traditional one. Their natural textures make any room feel calming. In addition, the material resists bowing, breaking, bending, and stretching. Bamboo and wood shades are also excellent for controlling light and privacy.

  • Sheers & Shadings

    Sheers and Shadings offer the protection you need from the sun’s harmful UV rays while letting in the light. A variety of luxury fabrics allow you to maintain your privacy without sacrificing your view. Their horizontal or vertical orientation makes them ideal for almost any window or door. Additionally, these shades are easy to operate and versatile. Making them a preferred choice.

  • Sliding Panel Blinds

    When you need an alternative to traditional vertical blinds and have a large-scale application, Sliding Panel Blinds are the perfect solution! They’re cordless, making it safe for children and pets, but they still bring a touch of luxury to your interiors. With sliding panel blinds, you can still enjoy lots of natural light or get a restful night’s sleep with a room-darkening option. No matter what kind of room you have, a Sliding Panel Blind will allow you to use each room to its full potential.

  • Vertical Blinds

    OdyseeTM Cellular Blinds combine the versatility of blinds with the energy efficiency of cellular shades. You can get clear views with the vanes collapsed or be more private with the vanes expanded. A great choice for any room in your home, you can find cellular insulating blinds in over 800 colors and fabrics that can filter light or darken the room.

  • Commercial Shades

    A Commercial Shade is an ideal solution when you are looking to enhance your workplace’s efficiency. Shades can provide insulation and let in natural light without compromising privacy. In order to withstand daily use by many people, commercial shades are designed and constructed to be easy to operate and extremely durable. You can enjoy comfort and style in your office with Commercial Shades.