Window treatments not only look beautiful, but they are also energy savers. About 30 percent of a home’s heating energy is lost through the windows in cooler months. While 75% of the sunlight that hits the windows becomes hot air in the warmer months.

Specialty-shaped windows are no exception to energy loss. Window treatments are a necessary addition to your specialty-shaped windows.

Read on to learn about which window coverings are best for your rounded or arched windows.

Interior Plantation Shutters

Interior shutters are a type of customizable window covering for your specialty-shaped window. They have an attached rod that allows you to open or close the louvers to your desired light levels.  For special window shapes, wood shutters are required to allow for the required custom carpentry.

Plantation shutters are durable and provide excellent insulation from the cold or heat. Shutters add elegance and value to your home. You can work them seamlessly into your decor and are perfect for specialty window shapes. 

Made from the best materials, wood shutters are the ultimate addition to your home. Our professionals work to provide the best quality window coverings for you. They come in stained or painted options to fit your design.

Wood plantation shutters are custom-made from precision window measurements. They are cut for a perfect fit on your rounded or arched windows. Our professional installation will give your home a boost of elegance.


Blinds have horizontal or vertical slats that can move out of the way of the window. They can also adjust to change the amount of light coming in. They are customizable to fit rectangular openings

Blinds come in many styles and materials. Wooden types are a cozy and timeless option. Composite options are elegant and with none of the maintenance.


A window shade is fabric (single panel, lined, or honeycomb) that operates from a head rial. This allows for raising and lowering to cover a window.  

Shades can create a sleek appearance in a home. Roman shades have a layered fabric look that can raise and lower. Shades are a functional and affordable choice.

Shades offer control over both the light levels in your home and your desired level of privacy.

Several shade options can be used to cover special window shapes including trapezoids, arches, circles, and sunbursts.

The Perfect Fit For Your Windows

No two windows are the same, and custom shutters are precision measured for a perfect fit. If you have specialty-shaped windows, you cannot go wrong with shutters. Each shutter is custom-made for your project!

We have over 80 years of combined experience making and installing window treatments. We carry only the best American brands. Contact Carolina Shutter & Blinds for a free design consultation and estimate today.