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Why Buy Locally Made Plantation Shutters?

The plantation shutters at High Point, NC.
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  • date June 16, 2023
Why Buy Locally Made Plantation Shutters?

Carolina Shutter & Blinds has served customers in the Carolinas since 1991, but we know that because we’ve managed to stick around a while isn’t a good enough reason for you to consider buying custom plantation shutters from us.

Our three decades of industry experience, American-built quality, and proven customer-centric warranty service are perhaps better ones.

Local Knowledge

Whether you live in Greensboro, Winston-Salem or High Point, we’re your neighbors at our plant in Mocksville. We’re a locally-owned, full-service, company that has designed and installed our signature shutters and other window treatments all over the Carolinas.

We understand our homeowners’ passion for traditional styles and heritage interiors. We know your laid-back neighborhoods. To serve you, we’ve traveled the same local streets that take you home to your families every day.

Carolina Shutter & Blinds offers local expertise and not just in the design and installation of your custom plantation shutters. Because we manufacture locally, your plantation shutters will match the window construction and trim details of area builders. We chat with them all the time; we know them by name and their unique methods.

Most of you reading this have taken the time and expense to design and build a custom home. Isn’t it right that you get a shutter made for your home, not one made for anyone’s?

American Made

With their large louvers, plantation shutters are generally used on larger windows. They are timeless, a home improvement that also improves every day for you. They bring in warming morning sun. They reduce the summer afternoon sting. They provide instant privacy. They’re beautiful and easy to operate, and there’s minimal maintenance.

Buying American just adds to these advantages. Our customers have told us they appreciated this years ago when they bought them and even more now that they’ve had them for years. Hand-made, home-made craftsmanship counts.

Carolina Blinds & Shutters is your big-box and offshore alternative, and you may be surprised to find that we’re very competitive with overseas pricing. Our local shipping and distribution costs are an advantage; getting those products quickly is often difficult from high-volume online sources.
Do you really know what you are buying on internet sites? We deal with this every day. Are these products being made under the same protocols directing American-made products? Are they safe? What’s in them? Who’s making them? Are they reliable? Will they last? Will someone from the manufacturing company visit your home to measure for them, install, and service them, if necessary?

We are true to our roots, and our plantation shutters are 99% American made, right here in North Carolina, in Mocksville actually. About 70% of the products we sell are made in North Carolina, and our #1-selling blind is also Carolina made. We are your shutters, blinds, and shades source, with old-fashioned southern hospitality.

Local Quality

Our Mocksville based plant is staffed with your friends and neighbors. All our employees live and work in the areas we serve.

They care about the reputation of Carolina Shutters & Blinds and the reputation of products built here in North Carolina. They care about the promises we offer in our limited lifetime warranty. The carpenters and craftspeople in our plant take the extra time to build plantation shutters to the exacting standards your home demands. We control the quality here, start to finish.

Finally, our installers are long-term employees of Carolina Shutter & Blinds, not random subcontractors. Their sole focus is window coverings, and their attention to detail is demonstrated in every window they cover.

Local Lead Times

To get started, we offer a free in-home consultation or work with you and your builder while you’re in the design stage. We’re not a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) company, we’re DIFM (Do-It-For-Me). You’re busy with your home, your business, your career, your kids and grandkids; we come out and take this project off your to-do list.

Our experienced and knowledgeable design consultants will chat with you about your needs for plantation shutters and other window treatments. We make suggestions for style, color, texture, fabric and budget. We listen. And, once you decide to cover your windows with our products, you want the best custom shutters with the best lead times.

Because we are a local manufacturer, we control our lead times and offer the industry’s fastest custom shutter projects, while still ensuring you the highest quality standards. You can have your new plantation shutters installed in as few as three weeks. Our custom plant here in North Carolina assigns projects to fabricators who work on one project at a time. They’re not targeting volume for shipment worldwide; they’re working for you.

The pandemic has challenged all of us. A few of our manufacturers had a few early delays to adjust to social distancing requirements, but everyone is back to their original lead times on product delivery. We are set to go for you!

Local Service

Because Carolina Shutter & Blinds doesn’t rely on international shipments to craft your custom plantation shutters, we can also service what we sell with on-the-shelf parts available for any necessary repair. Our limited lifetime warranty is made stronger by the speed we resolve any concerns you might have.

We are a phone call away in the United States. We have service technicians standing by in all our Carolina markets – Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point in the Triad. Raleigh, Cary, and Durham in the Triangle. All of greater Charlotte. And our newest operations in Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina and Asheville, North Carolina. Carolina Blinds & Shutters is often right next door.

Local Business

The beating heart of any Carolina community is its small businesses. Carolina Shutter & Blinds employs local workers, pays local taxes and supports local causes. Buying American-made plantation shutters supports our thriving community and economy. And our customers tell us again and again they want to buy from neighbors they trust.

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